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NECA provides a wealth of services to enhance its member's position in the electrical contracting industry. In addition to furnishing several other bottom-line benefits, the programs developed through the national organization and delivered to the chapter and individual level via NECA's Field Service enable members to expand their businesses by taking advantage of innovations in construction technology; meet the challenges of a changing economy with state of the art management skills; secure fair representation in the regulatory process; avail themselves of trained and highly skilled productive and administrative employees; and market and deliver the best possible services to customers. Thus even though NECA services are developed expressly to help the member contractor, the entire industry and, ultimately, the public gain from the association's efforts in the following areas.

Trust and cooperation are essential ingredients in an effective, profitable working relationship between employer and employee. NECA's national association, its chapters and members have long practiced constructive and responsible labor relations in concert with the IBEW, the worlds oldest and largest union of electrical workers. NECA makes every effort to ensure that all parties concerned - all levels of the association, its members, their supervisory personnel, and the national and local unions - provide the maximum possible productive per man hour of labor in order to compete profitably and promote consumer use of the services of skilled electrical craftsmen employed by qualified contractors.

Peaceful approaches to the settlement of grievances and the avoidance of strike, work stoppages and jurisdictional disputes are implemented at both the national and local levels. The Labor Relations Department at NECA headquarters works closely with the national organization of the IBEW to develop mutually acceptable national labor agreements while NECA chapters, which act as multi-employer bargaining agents with their corresponding unions, cooperate with local IBEW business managers to develop local labor contracts that enhance labor-management rapport.

Ensure fair wages and benefits for skilled electrical workers serves the best interest of the industry. NECA and the IBEW jointly sponsor the National Employees Benefit Fund to provide the best possible pension benefits for electrical workers. The National Employees Benefit Board, which includes representatives from NECA's executive committee, over sees the fund and trouble shoots problems. Meanwhile, most NECA chapters work with their corresponding IBEW locals to see that employees have access to superior health and welfare type benefits.

To meet the skilled manpower needs of the electrical contracting industry, NECA and the IBEW sponsor a comprehensive apprenticeship and training program for future electrical workers. Graduates of the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program are the most qualified craftsmen available to serve the public in electrical construction. The two organizations also sponsor training for journeymen electrical workers who wish to gain advanced education and skills in specialized areas.

Employees are also the focus of other NECA training programs. For example, the association offers a course on "Effective Supervision" that NECA members may make available to their overhead workers. "Estimating Electrical Construction" is an in depth seminar taught by NECA field representatives and sponsored by NECA chapters to give employees of electrical contractors an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of estimating. In addition, NECA makes available a wide variety of materials that contractors may use to train their employees in safe work practices. These include the "Hazard Awareness Training" program and a series of "Toolbox Talks" as well as several publications addressing occupational health and safety.

Enabling the unionized contractor to move forward and regain lost market shares is a top priority for NECA, which is committed to advancing business opportunities for its members, nearly all of whom employ organized labor. This association launched an ambitious ongoing customer relations program in cooperation with the IBEW. Administered by a major public relations firm, the "Quality Connection" program seeks to sell buyers of electrical contracting services on the "On Time, On Budget, Right the First Time" work performed by NECA contractors and their IBEW employees.

Electrical contracting requires knowledge of engineering, estimating, electrical installation, and job and business management. NECA believes that management oriented electrical contractors who continually strive to enhance their professional abilities not only stand to prosper in their own businesses but also reflect well upon the association and the industry. Thus NECA offers a wide variety of educational programs and materials to enable members and their key employees to upgrade their skills in several important areas. The management end of the business is covered in a collective curriculum of courses that can be pursued in a classroom setting or through self-study. Seminars on special phases of major subjects of interest are also sponsored by NECA staff members. For example, there's NECA's "Executive Study Program" which is conducted in conjunction with prominent educators and distinguished management consultants. Contractors may also avail themselves of professional development opportunities addressing "Executive Finance" and several other educational programs established to help them plan their company's future; improve accounting functions; budget and control costs; manage assets and profits; meet business insurance needs most effectively; make the right choices in computer selections and application... the list goes on and on. NECA educational programs are subject to ongoing review and offerings are revised as necessary to keep pace with evolving management needs.

Helping write codes is but one task which the association undertakes. NECA assists in developing and revising the National Electrical Code, and the National Electrical Safety Code, concerning with outside construction, also receives NECA participation in its development. NECA offers Code Conferences to help instruct contractors and their employees in meeting changing code requirements. NECA is also involved with development of materials and equipment standards through representation on American National Standards Institute committees, development of specifications and drawings standards through work organizations such as the construction Standards Institute, development of model contract language through work with such organizations as the American Institute of Architects and development of wiring and installations standards such as the NECA standards of Installation and NECA graphic wiring Symbols Standards. In addition, safety and accident - prevention standards and programs, including those dealing with Occupational Safety and Health Act regulations and standards, are handled within NECA's technical services jurisdiction.

Intensive research yields the tools that help electrical contractors meet these high standards. Example is NECA's Manual of Labor Units and other labor cost studies available for well over half a century.

Contact with other organizations is maintained through representation on inter-industry groups. Harmonious and workable relations between electrical contractors and other branches of the industry are vital in bringing top-quality construction services to the customer. These include but are not limited to the Edison Electric Institute, The National Electrical Manufactures Association Institute of Architects, the Consulting Engineers Council, the Construction Specification Institute, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Legislative Council, the Association General Contractors, and the Association Specialty Contractors. Participation with such organizations enables NECA to accomplish three objectives.

  • Promote and safeguard member's interests in relation to these organizations work.
  • Gain information on industry and matters which can be beneficial to members.
  • Maintain a presence as the voice of electrical construction within the broad construction industry and the business community.

Though it is nonpolitical and thoroughly bipartisan, NECA nevertheless believes that it should take an active role in keeping its membership, the entire construction industry and the general public aware of the content and possible effects of legislation affecting the electrical contracting industry.

NECA continues to affirm its strong support for the American free-enterprise system and for protection of the right of all individuals and the separate states.

NECA scrutinizes legislative affairs in such areas as bidding procedures, energy use and conservation, employment practices and taxation. NECA alerts members to the action that they can take to head off bad laws and promote enactment of workable ones.

NECA serves a watchdog role with respect to the rule making activities of federal regulatory agencies, such as the many branches of the Department of Labor, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Lobbying is high priority for most trade associations. NECA maintains a strong presence on Capitol Hill and often provides testimony on legislation and proposed rules that could affect the industry.

With respect to local legislation the association supports local determination of local and state legislative needs but provides many resources to help NECA chapters in their efforts to secure good government at all levels.


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